Casual Letters

A Grand Welcome!

Well hello!

My name is Tara and I decided to take a stab at blogging! My dad testified that I should start a blog to get my random thoughts out into the world, so I took his advice and decided to launch one. At first I thought he wanted me to start one because I might have something entertaining to say, but I am just beginning to realize that he probably wants me to do this so I can write my thoughts on here so he doesn’t have to hear them in real life. Oh well. Anyway, for probably a very long time I will just be talking into a void through this site as I have no readers. I will probably not publicize this blog to my friends and family because most times, after I do anything I start to regret it and I don’t want to embarrass myself. However, I hope in some time people will start to read this and it’ll be worth my time. Not that my time is worth anything, I am only 16 years old. I don’t make money or anything. But yeah I hope that it works out. And soon it’ll become such a hit that I’ll get a call from a blog scouter (if those even exist) and they’ll offer me a job and tell me I could drop out of school cause I’m so talented at blogging I don’t even need it. None of that is going to happen, it’s just a nice thought. In all likely hood I’ll quit the blog in a matter of weeks, even days. My record of starting things and not finishing them is alarmingly high. Ask all 16 of my lame collections. I started collecting things and then I lost interest so now I’ve got a vast array of snow globes, pez, and other knick knacks that aren’t worth crap. But don’t let the high chance of this blog’s failure turn you away from reading it! What am I talking about nobody’s reading this! Okay that’s enough of this welcome! Happy reading to all you non-existent readers! Hooray!

Tara L.

P.S. I feel as though I need to specify the L., even though in my world I’m the only Tara of importance, there might be a famous Tara out there that I don’t know about so I can’t just claim the name Tara all for myself. It’d be like if someone with the name Beyonce that wasn’t Beyonce signed her name as Beyonce. We all know you aren’t Beyonce. Not that anyone out there is probably named Beyonce but Beyonce.


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