Let's Get Real Letters

Hey Guys, Some Thoughts

Hey Guys,

So I was just thinking that maybe if we all decide to not do some things life would be better. All of our lives would be better. So if we all could just mull it over that would be great.

Some things that we all should just collectively stop doing:

  1. Eating eggs – I know that you guys like them but guys, they smell like crap. So maybe if we could just all stop so we didn’t have to smell it, that would be great.
  2. Going to school – Guys, come on, this is so unneccesary! If we all just stop then none of us would be smarter than each other so we could still get jobs and stuff! Cause guys, waking up at 6 am sucks! It’s miserable! So if we all decide that school is stupid and we don’t need it, that would be a-okay.
  3. Shaving legs – For real guys, lets stop. Who thought it was a good idea to scrape metal against our skin! That stuff is fragile! Like you push it too hard then bam you’re gushing out blood. And for guys shaving faces is necessary I guess cause beards get gross and stuff stays in the hair, but with legs, its not like legs catch crumbs! There is literally no purpose! So if we all decide to stop then it would become normal and we’d all get to stop torturing ourselves. Sounds great, right?
  4. Using chalkboards – Chalkboards are so gross. Guys. Just imagine nails on the chalkboard. And chalk dust on your hands. That is so gross. So lets just stop. Now we got whiteboards so what’s the point?
  5. Waking up before 8 am – I was going to say 9 am but I think that would be asking too much from you guys. So I’m being reasonable. 8 am is early enough. There is legitimately no point getting up before then. If we all just decide to get up at 8 am, nothing would happen before then and we’d all get the good nights sleep that we DESERVE. So let’s do it guys. Let’s make it happen.

So there it is guys. I hope you take it into consideration. The list goes on and on but I don’t want to overwhelm you so this is where I’ll leave it right now. Expect more though, cause I’ve got so many ideas. Anyway, thanks guys, you’re the best.

Tara L.

P.S Would you guys prefer I start writing love, or yours truly, or some crap like that? Cause if that’s what you want I’m totally up for it. You know what I say, anything for you guys!


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