Casual Letters

Walking on Sunshine (in February)

Hey guys!

Today was 65 degrees! In winter!

I became a new person. I sprang out of my shell. I am new.

I’ve self diagnosed myself with seasonal depressive disorder because in winter I literally want to die 24/7. But today I walked out of school and wow! The sun was hitting my skin! So when I got home I immediately put on shorts, jumped on my trampoline, sun-bathed, dived in the pool, and called an official beginning to summer 2017. If it actually was summer I’d probably be curled under 5 blankets at the fire because 65 degrees would feel like the tundra. But today it felt like I was living in Hawaii. I took it a little too far but I was just feeling so great.

All my problems seemed to disappear. I realized that all bad things end so life is pretty good when you think about it. School ends at 2:30, winter ends in June, and Trump’s presidency ends in 4 years! So if everything comes to an end then it’s all okay. Life will go on AND be good once you’ve got the bad thing out of the way with!

See, on a regular winter’s day I would not have these thoughts. I’d feel like life is just eternal death, and the sun will never come up, and winter will just go on until I die and I’ll be left to die with hypothermia. And in winter my problems seem HUGE. I drop my pencil. My life is over. I don’t have a partner. Mine as well be dead. I sneeze. Life is the worst. However when I stepped out into the sun today I kid you not I literally didn’t care if anything went wrong in the day. That NEVER happens. Life should just be one eternal summer!

This is why I’m very worried. I feel so good right now. Life is good. The world is just. There’s some puppy wagging his tail right now. But tomorrow the forecast is 5 inches of snow. Earth, am I right? But really I have spring fever right now, but tomorrow I’m gonna be drowned by snow? How does that work? All my teachers got my hopes up for no school. That means I’m going to have school. But like the idiot I am I didn’t do my work for tomorrow cause they said no school. I’m worried because my seasonal depressive disorder has finally been lifted, done away with. If I have school tomorrow AND there’s snow, it’ll be back. It’ll be back in full swing, and I’ll be hit real hard. I can’t bear the thought of the brown mushy snow on the side of the roads, the cold, my inability to be able to wear certain shoes outside. I hate the snow. And if it’s there I better not have school. If I do I’ll be oh so sad. So if you’re out there please pray that this poor little brat won’t have school cause she does not want to go back to the sad pit of dispair that is winter.

Tara L.

P.S. Okay looking back on everything I wrote, this sounds a little too dark. I just hate winter. And the snow. And when the poor dogs are shivering on the sidewalk. And I already said it, but the dang gross brown mush on the side of the road that makes me want to puke.





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