ALL ABOUT MEEEEE (because I just love talking about myself!)

Name: Tara Lennon

Yes, I am posting my entire name, because unlike most paranoid middle aged women, I do not fear internet trolls coming and hunting me down using only the information of my name. Get real, Linda, that aint happening. However, internet trolls, if you are reading this… first of all, thank you for visiting my blog, you might be the only one. Second of all, come at me, I’m not scared of you.)

Age: 16

There’s not much to say about being 16. It’s pretty much the same as being 13, 14, and 15 in my experience. Except I can drive. Not much of a plus though. I am a crap driver. Stay tuned for upcoming post about that.

Location: Delaware

Delaware, the home of Joe Biden, tax-free shopping, and Aubrey Plaza (seen as April on Parks and Rec). We might not have much but we do have some beaches and a butt-load of private schools. Delaware gets a lot of crap for being Delaware but at least we’re not Montana or something. All Montana is is Hannah’s last name. I don’t think Delaware’s that bad because it’s only a car ride away from New York, DC, and Philly. Also, you should know that I am a NORTHERN Delawarian, thank god. Those slower lower folks are something.

Interests: Ballet, Ukulele, Television, Movies, Books Without Big Words, and Music

My interests are pretty standard, ballet is sort of unique, I hope colleges feel that way too when I apply. I don’t know how to play the ukulele well but I am hoping to learn soon. I have a history of playing instruments from piano to oboe (yes, the oboe okay, I played it. I don’t anymore though. Don’t laugh at me.), and I’d say I was pretty good at those so I hope it carries over to the uke. I love pretty much all television. Name a T.V. show and there is a good chance I’ve already binged it. I like movies a lot too. Pretty much all genres, not really sci-fi though (I haven’t watched star wars, sue me). Books Without Big Words speaks for itself. I like alt-rock music, I’m a big lister of sirius xm alt-nation. But alt-nation Madison, god, that woman gets to me.