Casual Letters

Bad Battery-Life, Bad at Life

My irresponsibility has caught up to me. Real bad.

I received a computer for christmas in seventh grade. Yes, seventh grade. I know most kids don’t get a computer until they’re 16, but my parent’s spoil me since I’m the youngest child so don’t judge. I was horrible at taking care of my computer. I would let the battery run out and it would stay dead for days cause I’d be too lazy to charge it up again. I would repeat the cycle time after time. The battery life became horrible so now my laptop has to be plugged in so much it is practically a desktop. And also the fact that it was dead all the time led to a bunch of software or whatever problems. It takes about 50 minutes to load a dang web page and Microsoft word has crashed about 50 of my documents and without fail I would have a breakdown each time and have to rewrite the entire essay. It’s pretty rough.

I’m also in a pretty similar situation with my phone right now. I have a terrible battery life because apparently charging every night and keeping your phone on low battery mode 24/7 is a bad idea. Who knew. The last time I updated my phone was probably about 3 year ago. When I bought it. I NEVER update my phone. I always get that lil notification and then go nah and push it off. The storage on my phone is non-existent. I can’t unlock my phone without it telling me that I have no storage left. I get it, apple. My life is a mess. I don’t need this constant reminder. Just let me play my little game of deleting and reinstalling apps for when I need them to avoid my problem.

Technology is a great source of figuring out your life and planning and what-not. But for all you “later” pushers like me it’s like you’re carrying a jammed file cabinet in your pocket. Every once in a while I’ll try to get reorganized and clear up space on my phone and computer, but it’s just temporary. Surely enough in about 3 weeks I’ll have apple badgering me about my 0 gigabytes available again.

Tara L.

P.S. Can people start reading my crap, who do I have to make a call to to make this happen. Just let me know, and I’ll hit em up.