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Ballet at its Best

I’ve been a ballet dancer ever since I can remember.

The phrase “ever since I can remember” doesn’t mean much to me since the first memory I only remember things from like 8 years ago and the rest is all mush.

I’ll rephrase that and say that I’ve been a ballet dancer for a dang lang time

In this post I will like to address some common misunderstandings about ballet that plague the person who doesn’t know too much about ballet, and to just share some information about it because ballet is more interesting than you think.

  1. Ballet is more interesting than you think – A lot of people think of ballet as this old thing that only posh old people watch. That is only partially true. Old posh people do watch ballet a lot. But so do young, middle-aged, really old, really young, and all the other age groups. It just takes appreciation and patience to sit down and watch a ballet. That’s why old people with a lot of wisdom and appreciation in the finer things seem to flock to it. I think everyone can enjoy it and learn to appreciate the beauty of it.
  2. It doesn’t take a short amount of time to get good at it – Ballet takes forever to get good at. Most people aren’t born with perfect feet, perfect extensions, and perfect turnout. And even those people have to work to be good. I didn’t start to become not bad until about last year. To be good a list of things have to come together, and that takes a while to figure out. A frustratingly long while. 
  3. Every moment of it isn’t glorious – Some people think that every moment is a triumph and that every moment is pure joy. This isn’t true. They joy in ballet comes from certain feelings at certain times. Most of the time is hard work. And a lot of sweat. And in those moments you don’t feel like a prima ballerina.

That’s about it for tonight. The inspiration for this post comes for the long weekend of ballet that I have ahead, so I thought I’d sneak in a little post tonight.

Tara L.

P.S. This is one of my lamer posts to be honest, but don’t worry I have some ideas I want to execute when I get more time. Till next time.