Casual Letters

Guilty Pleasure #1: Award Shows

Award shows are somethings that everyone loves to hate. I pretend like everyone to be annoyed at award shows, but in reality… I sort of like them. Ugh have to go puke. Why do I like award shows? They are so ridiculous, but oddly intriguing.

There’s something about the awkward conversations between celebrities and interviewers, the celebrities odd stances on the red carpet, and the extremely specific awards given out that is fun to watch.

Watching an award show reminds me of that scene in Jurassic World where the you know the dinosaur can sense where all the heat is and they show that picture of all the heat that is coming from one point in the park because they gathered all of the people there. It’s like the oscars is the ball of heat and I’m the dinosaur. Except I won’t attack them obviously. It just like they’re all in one place. All of them. Crazy.

Since they’re all together in one place its sort of interesting cause it’s like all these worlds are colliding. It feels so current. All the famous people of 2017 in one room. And when one famous person makes a refrence to another famous person, it’s like woah, you guys know each other. There’s this big community of famous people and they all know each other because they’re all famous but they KNOW each other too. I don’t know what I’m saying but it’s all one big spectacle

The host is another enjoyable thing about the show. If you’re a talk show host you’re guaranteed to host a show at least once in your life. It’s probably part of their contract. They’ve been preparing for this since the day they got hired.

Can we talk about for one sec Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? I love them! What does Chrissy Teigen do though? It doesn’t really matter because her and John Legend are the best!

It’s fun to predict which movie I’ve never seen will win from all the nominations of movies I’ve never seen and people I’ve never heard of. I haven’t seen half of these movies up for nomination. But you better bet that I know which one is going to win.

The whole thing is so pointless though. Awards for best sound effects and crap. It’s just like saying which one had the best boom sounds. I love movies, but they’re pretty pointless? And you know what’s even more pointless? Picking which up the movies is the best for literally no reason other than to say they’re the best. And you know what’s even more pointless? Commentating on the dresses the people are wearing at the pointless competition to see which pointless movie is the best subjectively.

But I like it.

Tara L.

P.S. Why do all of the celebrities say to the interviewers, “It was nice seeing you”??????? When have they ever met??? Come on guys, get real, you’ve never met this random dude.