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Lists and the Illusion of Productivity


I am a list hoarder. Whenever I have a random thought or idea I’ll put it down on my notes app. My notes app is chaos. I’m too lazy to type more than 3 words so when I want to remember something I’ll put down one random word thinking I’ll know what it means later. Then I’ll look back and be like what the heck did I mean by “muffins”? So then I’ll write down muffins again so I’ll remember to figure out what muffins means. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m very defensive about my lists on my notes app because they are quite embarrassing and frankly they make absolutely no sense. But I continue this pointless process because I feel appeased when I put down the random things that pop up into my head. When anybody tries to look at my lists I will yank he phone out of their hands.

I also make lists most Fridays outlining what I have to do for the weekend. When I make them I also think about how great and productive I’m being when in essence I am getting literally nothing done. I should be using this time to get done what’s on the list. Ah, the illusion of productivity. And when I write down the list I’ll put the most simple tasks on it just so I have something to cross of the list. Put laundry into drawers. Go to friend’s house. Brush teeth. Breathe.

Once I cross off those pointless tasks I say to myself that I’ve got enough done for the day and I deserve a break. I have a bad habit of cutting myself a break after doing literally nothing. So then the weekend goes by and it is Sunday night and the stuff on the list that urgently needed to be done, remains uncrossed.

As you can see I do all these things to make myself feel like a productive person with a stellar work-ethic, but all I’m doing is lying to myself. Yet I continue this every weekend, and I am not about to stop. Cause hey, you gotta got yourself a break sometimes (see I did it again). I’m the kind of person that loves buying new school supplies, but hates actually using. I love to sit at my desk with my computer ready to do some work, but then “accidentally” open up netflix and watch 6 episodes of scandal.

Tara L.

P.S. I also have a planner that I do not do any planning on, but I like to keep it with me to feel like a go getter :).

Casual Letters

The Many Faces of Procrastination

Hi guys,

I am the biggest procrastinator. Not the biggest as in biggest person, I am a small person. But biggest as in I procrastinate a great deal. My procrastination takes many forms. One form is this blog. I could be doing homework or getting a head start at life but instead I am talking into this empty void that is my blog. However this is one of the better forms of my procrastination. At least this is sort of productive. But sometimes my procrastination is the most random,¬†most pointless things. Sometimes my procrastiation is…

  1. Videos of pictures of children each day over the course of like 5 years so you see them go from baby to sort-of-baby.
  2. Videos of people singing pop songs except the lyrics have been put through google translate 50 times so it’s all whacked up.
  3. What-type-of-inaminate-object-are-you Buzzfeed Quizzes.
  4. Articles about which celebrities are the rudest (so if I become famous I can plot their demise).
  5. Bee movie memes (like the bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster)
  6. Naps.
  7. And obviously netflix.

Some of these are stranger than others, as you can see. But procrastination is very odd and honestly rude. Why can’t it just leave me alone. I’d love to get stuff done. I’d love to be a girl boss. But I can’t. Cause procrastination is the worst. She’s this shape-shifting devil that knows how to catch my attention in the worst ways. Hopefully one day my attention span will be greater and I won’t be fascinated with the same things as a 7 year old. One day.

Tara L.

P.S. When will this blog gain stardom? I’m getting impatient. Blog gods, if you’re listening, speed this thing up. I’m waiting.